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Discover the ultimate archiving solution – LTO Tape Drives.

  • Archival life of up to 30 years
  • Least expensive way to Archive content
  • Physical control of your own content
  • LTO has a very small footprint in the space it takes up

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    Why rent LTO Tape Drives?

    The Hard Drives you are currently using will eventually stop spinning causing potential data loss. With this, renting a LTO Tape Drive is a great option as a low-cost solution to properly archiving your content. Have the Convenience and security, knowing your content is Safe! There is no need to personally maintain the equipment and you get the latest software for your drives.

    LTO Thunder Port
    Everything Made Easy


    LTO Tape Drives:
    Secure and Reliable Data Protection

    Quantum LTO

    LTO-7 Tape Drive Specifications

    • Desktop Thunderbolt LTO-7 tape drive certified by Apple & Intel
    • 6 TB native storage capacity per tape cartridge
    • LTO tape has a 30+ year shelf-life – Significantly longer than hard drives
    • Up to 300 MB/second data transfer rate
    • Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports (Thunderbolt 2 and 3 units available)
    • Reads and writes to both LTO 6 & 7 tapes, reads LTO 5 tapes
    • SAS port enables writing to two or more LTO drives simultaneously*
    • Compact, portable form-factor
    • DC powered – Enables use in any environment
    • LTFS utility mounts mTape like a hard drive for drag & drop functionality
    • macOS and Windows compatible


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much storage is on an LTO-7 tape?
    6TB native (uncompressed). For deep/long-term archive, you can compress the content giving you 15TB per tape.
    What is the backwards compatibility of LTO-7?
    The LTO 7 tape drive can read data from the two prior generations (LTO 5 and 6). And write to one prior generation (LTO 6).
    How often should I Backup my hard drives?
    The suggestion is that hard drives should be backed up every 3-4 years.

    MSG Certified for Reuse LTO Tape Media

    Using proprietary new equipment, Media Storage Group can now safely, quickly and completely erase the entire length of all four data bands on all LTO media, from before the start of data to past the end of data, and MSG is the only re-cycled LTO tape vendor in the industry able to honestly make this claim.

    LTO-7 Cartridges

    Question: Will LTFS be available on LTO7 cartridges
    Answer: YES. It’s a required specification for the new technology


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