Internal hard drives are optimized for consumer desktop computers up to large enterprise NAS devices. Internal Drives have low power consumption, 24×7 operations capabilities and blazing fast performance.

Since videos are generally the largest types of files, a great starting point for users who regularly shoot and edit videos is a 2TB internal hard drive. Storage upwards of 2TB offers the user ample room for storing large-format media files. Photographers with photos stored in RAW format also require large amounts of storage space and should consider a 1TB internal hard drive or larger. A 1TB hard drive or larger is also a great option for music lovers with large music collections or serious gamers.

Whether you decide to opt for a 1TB internal hard drive, 2TB internal hard drive or larger all depends on your usage. Hard drives are available in sizes as large as 10TB. Evaluate what you’re using your internal hard drive for to help you make the best decision.