Myth #1 – “Re-cycled tape media is unreliable.”

Due to the design and testing that goes into the manufacturing process, tape media is able to perform reliably for many, many years. The majority of used tape media has been used for only a small percentage of its useful life span and is perfectly suitable for certification for reuse.

Myth #2 – “Re-cycled tape media can expose valuable organization data.”

Tape media always needs to be protected to prevent the loss of valuable organization data. Only Certified for Reuseâ tape is completely erased either onsite or in a secure facility to guaranty 100% data destruction. The Dual-Lifeâ process fully erases tapes so no data is ever recoverable.

Myth #3 – “The only way to dispose of tape media is to grind it up.”

The practice of grinding of tape not only costs but it adds chemical spoilage to land fills. The better practice that is endorsed by the U.S. Dept. of Navy is to completely erase tape using proper means and then use the tape again. Secure data destruction, not wasteful media destruction.

Myth #4 – “Re-cycled tape media will not save money.”

The costs savings of Certified for Reuse tape media are substantial (20% to 50%) and realized immediately with the initial purchase. In the long-term you can lower the total cost of managing tape media when upgrading to new tape media types, re-cycling old media types and avoiding destruction costs.