There is now a process for fully erasing, reconditioning and certifying used LTO tape cartridges to data free, perfect, ready to reuse condition. This proprietary system encompasses three separate hardware and software steps. It fully erases each tape from pin to hub with a magnetic degauss power 10 times stronger than a standard tape drive eliminating all signal clear through the tape media to magnetically recondition the tape for reuse and meet all data elimination and data security requirements. In addition, the entire tape surface is cleaned, the media pack is exercised and precision retentioned and the tape reference edge is laser scanned and evaluated for quality. The tape is then fully performance evaluated for age, wear from usage, data errors, servo track errors, drive interface issues plus a check vs. OEM new tape specifications. Next, is a separate drive read / write data test and reset to blank tape status for performance truly equal to new. Finally, a permanent marker is recorded onto the tape memory to date and identify the Certified for Reuse process and a complete record is kept by MSG of every tape processed and a final Q.A. check of each tape to confirm erasure, reset and quality.

Certified for Reuse PROCESS FEATURES

  1. 100% full length, pin to hub erasure for total security.
  2. High power erase at 10 times drive read/write head strength eliminates all signal.
  3. Saturation erasure right through the tape media to magnetically recondition it.
  4. Third party, forensic verification of total data erasure provide on request.
  5. Full surface tape cleaning removes dirt and debris to reduce errors and wear.
  6. Media tape pack exercise and precise retensioning rewind for longer tape life.
  7. Tape reference edge full length scanned and evaluated to ensure performance.
  8. Performance evaluation for age, wear from usage, data errors, servo errors, etc.
  9. OEM specification check vs. new tape performance parameters.
  10. Drive read / write data test and reset to blank tape, ready to write status.
  11. Permanent I.D. data marker Certified for Reuse® process and date performed.
  12. Final quality assurance scan step to confirm full erasure, reset and data integrity
  13. Complete files kept at Dual-Life® on every tape for warranty and history.
  14. Industry best Full Performance Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.