The solution offered by MSG is a breakthrough for the tape industry. It involves a new device designed specifically to erase LTO Media. The device itself is similar to a LTO drive but the internal mechanicals and electronics have been greatly modified. Key to the design is a high power, precision magnetic erase head that replaces the standard write head. This new erase head aligns perfectly to the LTO data bands retaining the existing servo bands. The device mounts the tape and streams the tape over the erase head at full streaming speed. All four data bands are 100% full-length erased virtually from “pin-to-hub” Our exclusive Certified for Reuse LTO Tape Erasure and Reconditioning. MSG offers erasure on- or off-site.

When your tape media has reached the end of its useful life, you have several important decisions to make. To reduce the risk of losing confidential data, the easy decision may be to destroy the tape, but this carries a cost burden and it impacts the environment. The decision to recycle tape has advantages for the environment and for reduced cost, but it may carry the risk of data loss. These are important decisions.